5 Ways to Prove an Apartment Rental Is Resident-Friendly

Hunting for the perfect apartment can bring out a lot of different emotions –excitement, stress, curiosity and hopefulness, just to name a few. There are times when you think that the unit you just saw is exactly what you wanted, and times when you fall in love at first sight –then immediately change your mind afterstumbling upon a cringe-worthy list of bad online reviews. While size, location and pricing always matter, one of the most important things to look for is an apartment rental that puts its residents’ priorities and needs first.
Here’s how to tell whether or not an apartment is truly resident-friendly:

Outstanding amenities are available to you.

An apartment complex with a community pool used to be something to brag about. However, new real estate companies are upping their game, and seriously upgrading the features that they offer. Movie theatres, spas and fitness centers are just a few of the many additions that are made available at some locations. An apartment that provides its residents with thesetop-of-the-line amenitiesis the one that values their residents’ satisfaction at a high rate.

Five-star reviews and positive feedback.

While not everything you read on the internet is true, an apartment’s online ratings and reviewsare an extremely reliable testament of whether or not the rental is all it’s cracked up to be. Aside from positive feedback and a five-star rating, a real estate company who allows any reviews to appear on their website provesthey are confident in howresidents view them. A reliable review system allows residents to rate by categories, such as parking, noise, staff and maintenance.

It’s in a highly sought-after location.

A lot of thought, research, time and planning should go into a real estate company’s thought process when choosing a new location to build their apartments. Since you can rarely ask the person who actually scouted out the property, it should be evident in the location itself. If you’re not already familiar with the area, doing a quick online search of the apartment’s city and state is a smart way to go about this – it’ll likely produce an official township website, a list of activities to do and a crime rate comparison. If the location is one with a stunning reputation, it means the company cared enough to figure that out.

The customer service is unbeatable.

Staff availability, timely maintenance updates and flexible office hours (open at least five days a week) are the key to ultimate customer satisfaction. If you do a comparison to another apartment complex’s staff, you should find that the ratings are superior – and provide the type of customer service every renter would like to have.

There are a variety of community activities.

When an apartment complex has a number of events and activities for its members to take part in, it builds a strong community foundation, provides its residents with new things to do, and improves the overall atmosphere. Most importantly, it shows that they are making an effort to keep their renters content, busy and unified as members.

If a potential apartment meets the requirements of this mini checklist, then it has proven itself to be a resident-friendly place. One in particular that fits the description well?Lerner Parc Dulles! Located in Dulles, Virginia of Loudon County – which has been ranked as the number one county to live in in the United States – it offers an attentive staff, boastssuper positive ratings, and offers its community to join in events likemovie nights andholiday parties.

Call 888-373-6771, or apply for residency online to become a member of Lerner Parc Dulles today.

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