5 Bedroom Ideas for Your Apartment/Townhome


If you’re tired with the way your bedroom looks, follow these five essential ideas to bring new life into your tired room.

1. Paint

Some landlords allow their tenants to paint throughout the rooms – as long as they return to the original color before moving out. You can choose light, open and breezy colors for your bedroom to make it stand out. If you can’t paint the walls in your apartment, try painting your furniture. A fresh paint job on a bed frame, mirror or nightstand can be just as effective as new colors on the walls.

2.Open Up Space

When your bedroom is open and spacious, it becomes more inviting and comfortable to live in. Consider downsizing items in your bedroom to create more space, or install floating shelves on your wall to create more storage for your things. Maximize the space under your bed by using it to store away cluttered items. You’ll feel less crowded in your room and more relaxed.

3.Add Throw Pillows

While not a necessity, throw pillows can really pull a room together. Choose contrasting colors that go along with the themeof your bedroom. If you have a darker bedspreadpick colors that will stand out on the bed to give your room a chic feel. The smallest decorations make the biggest impact.

4.Place a Picture or Painting Above the Bed

Personalize your room with one of your favorite paintings or photographs. Place it above your bed as the main focal point in your bedroom. Choose a picture to put on a canvas of you and a loved one, or go with a painting that expresses your style.

5. Change Your Lighting

Good lighting can completely transform a room. Invest in lamps to place on nightstands or illuminate dark corners with a floor lamp. You’ll see a huge difference in your room.

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