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Think about the college years or your first apartment. Surely, we’ve all lived in the dreaded converted triple. You know, a tiny studio apartment meant for two roommates but crammed with three plus a dog?We’ve dealt with a lot of spaces in our lifetime and during these experiences we’ve come to appreciate good organizing. We’ve also come to realize that shape or size isn’t the blame for disorder in your home. An unorganized home has everything to do with your technique or lack thereof. Nonetheless, we’ve decided to share our tricks.

Trash Whatever you Can

Hopefully, if you’re bothering to read this article, that must mean you’ve realized that you’d like a calm, peaceful, uncluttered home more than a disorganized mess. Typically, you’ll never absolutely need anything you’ve trashed during a prior de-cluttering purge. In the end, you’ll feel like an elephant has been lifted off your shoulders once you get past your fear of throwing things away. As a rule you should automatically throw away anything broken or worn out. If it makes you feel better, you can sell these items on Craigslist or donate them to Goodwill. Whatever you do, don’t create a to-do pile for your trash because you’re basicallyhoarding clutter all over again.

Eliminate Clutter on Numerous Occasions

You can waste years and years of organizing and re-organizing in different homes and in the end you will find that too much stuff causes clutter. As we already said, you can’t blame messiness on lack of space.However, for your unquestionably indispensable items, you should at least try to keep them organized and neat.Just keep in mind that when it comes to effective de-cluttering, the mess will need to get worse before it gets better. This is a normal part of the process so don’t get discouraged. You’re bound to have multiple piles scattered throughout your house midway through the process, just be sure to remain painstakingly ruthless throughout. Let’s use your bathroom items as an example. If you’re de-cluttering your bathroom, you would need to gather up every last item that isn’t getting trashed, from your q-tips to scented salt scrubs, and place everything into one section so you can see exactly what you have. After taking inventory, you can sift through and sort.

Divide Rooms Into Smaller Segments

Often times one room serves many purposes. Rather than mindlessly throwing everything together, you should arrange your things into zones according to their purpose. This technique will make your life a lot easier because you will always know where everything is. Moreover, this will help you get into the habit of putting things back where they belong. When your items don’t belong anywhere specifically, you’re more likely to throw things all over the place and that’s what you call making a mess! Creating zones within a room helps you get more organized because you’re able to make sense of everything. Each item in a room needs to be defined and categorized according to its function.Think about your main living room as an example. You should always put your kid’s toys into one zone and your electronics into a separate zone.

Maximize Every Nook, Cranny, and Space

There are always ways to make the very most of the space you have, even if your home doesn’t have much storage. A simple suggestion would be to start maximizing all of your closet space. Putting a dresser into your closet is a great way to make use of an otherwise wasted space. It also frees up space for your bedroom. To really make the most of any space, try incorporating creative storage solutions such as storage bins for under the bed, and floating shelves on the walls.

At Lerner Parc Dulles, our designers definitely kept the idea of maximizing space in mind when creating our floor plans. Give us a call at 703.297.8594if you’re looking to relocate to an amazing and spacious apartment home.

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